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Guidance to prevent mental or physical overload.


Perhaps you are in a difficult and stressful period and therefore you are very anxious to get overstretched. As a strong personality you are motivated to control the stress and build a future again. But getting the (working) life back on track after such a period is not always easy.

Or most of it goes well, but you feel there's more to be gained from your life. That could relate to your working life, but also to your private situation.

You want to know who you are, what your limits are and what you can achieve. You want to understand the causes of the problems and how to deal with them differently. Much more appropriate to your life, which allows your self-confidence to grow. Better social life, greater stability and continued participation in the Labor market. To be able to determine your own life without being dependent on others.

For people who want to move on?

The program is designed specifically for people who feel they are stuck in their current patterns. People who want to move on instead of back. Pushers, who can think well, but who can use inspiration. Think of someone who, for example:

  • Just want to get everything in a row (reset).
  • Want to distance yourself from the reality of today.
  • Experience a feeling of overvoltage every day.
  • No view of a future with less stress.
  • Needs time for reflection, for example, because you are about to make an important decision. Consider taking over, selling, or divorce.
  • Every day tries to deal with your own strong character, such as autism, HSP or other strong personality traits.
  • People who are completely through it.
  • Or who have already been on different therapies, but don't feel that it helps them.

Personal action plan

Part of the method is working together to create a personal and realistic Plan of Approach. With the aim of triggering an important personal change, when it comes to mindset and lifting certain blockages.

What can you expect?

  • A down to earth, objective approach to causes and consequences.
  • Clear advice.
  • A forward-looking approach.
  • A warm personal approach.
  • Customization is our standard because no one is the same.
  • A unique approach by simultaneously improving the mental, physical, and social condition.
  • Much flexibility possible in the way of guidance.
  • Understanding your talents and character.
  • Insight into one's own stressors and how to deal with them.
  • Individual coaching by experienced (EMCC) coach throughout the program.
  • Our respect for privacy. You decide what you want to say.

Investment in change

Choose this sustainable change in your life and get in touch We will provide you with detailed information, including the price.
Different variants are always negotiable.

Please let us know your help question or ask for more information.

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