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Good conversation, about living and working in the Canary Islands, with a cup of coffee.

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Good Conversation


People need stress to function properly. Stress ensures clear thinking, quick response etc. As long as stress can be adequately compensated for with relaxation, the situation is healthy.
Today, more and more people are facing increasing stress every day and several times the situation is getting out of balance. It’s getting too much. The reason for this is different for each person.
For example:

  • Unexpected events such as divorce or loss;
  • Discharge;
  • Bankruptcy of the company;
  • Major reorganization;
  • Relationship problems;
  • A lot of overtime due to insufficient staff;
  • Financial problems.

If your problems persist for a long time, chronic stress can occur, which can lead to a burn out or other diseases.


Many people think they can get the stress under control by going on holiday. Only then often it does appear, that body and mind are going to react violently to sudden relaxation. Recognizable? Instead of the feeling of rest and relaxation, the restless feelings remains. All the problems come to you in all the intensity. Then it is important to ask for help quickly.

Really listen

Every human being is different. This’s not just about genes, environment, education, experience, diseases, friends, colleagues. But also your view of the world, lifestyle, life damage and related solutions. You want to be approached by a coach as an individual person. A lot of real listening clarifies what you are looking for. You want respect, recognition of your problems, understanding of your situation, without judgments or blaming. A serious conversation about your situation and the consequences for you. Together, find out the available options.

Good conversation

This is largely a feeling of being understood, because you are being listened to. Think together about your different steps toward a new balance between the important dimensions of Work, Private and Personality. Because that is the way to solutions, so you can look forward to your future with confidence.

Do you need a good conversation with someone who really listens?

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