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Even if you are working in one of the Canary Islands, it is quite a task to keep up in this hectic time. Whether you are an entrepreneur/director/manager or remote worker. Every day you face new challenges. Changes in the market, staffing problems, government measures, private problems, or personality characteristics. You are expected to stand up to all these different roles. In general, you are well off, but sometimes you need a reliable sparring partner. Someone you can discuss business with who you don't easily share with others in the company, a business partner, or the partner at home. Then the use of personal guidance is a very common step.

For example, issues such as:

  • Dealing with daily stress.
  • Get a grip on the increasing workload.
  • Personal development support.
  • Recognize signs of imminent mental overload.
  • Dealing with employees or colleagues with mental or physical overload.
  • Restore work-life balance.
  • The influence of your personality on the daily functioning.
  • Method of communication.
  • Dealing with private problems such as relationship, informal care and illness.
  • Gain insight into drivers, motives and character traits.
  • Exploiting your talents.
  • Execute orders from a client or management elsewhere in the world.
  • Practical questions and solutions.

Everyone has his or her personal help question. This can be in the field of personal development, but also in the prevention of mental overload due to work stress. Things like time, character, problems, and private circumstances are crucial. You determine the degree and form of guidance yourself. Motivation, privacy, trust, understanding, and respect are important principles.

What can you expect?

  • A down to earth, objective approach to causes and consequences.
  • Clear advice.
  • A forward-looking approach.
  • A warm personal approach.
  • Customization is our standard because no one is the same.
  • A unique approach by simultaneously improving the mental, physical and social condition.
  • Much flexibility possible in the way of guidance.
  • Understanding your talents and character.
  • Insight into one's own stressors and how to deal with them.
  • Individual coaching by experienced (EMCC) coach throughout the program.
  • Our respect for privacy. You decide what you want to say.

Investment in change

Choose this sustainable change in your life and get in touch We will provide you with detailed information, including the price.
Different variants are always negotiable.

Please let us know your help question or ask for more information.

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We are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches, because we value quality. In addition, we endorse the NOBCO Code of Ethics and comply with the complaints regulations. This offers extra security for you as a customer.