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Watching over the mountain landscape at the sun's rays.

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Retirees at Tenerife

A second house to winter, you settle permanently or travel regularly between the motherland and the Canary Islands. Mostly to enjoy the attractive conditions, such as sun, sea, friendly people and volcanic energy. Plenty of reasons to stay here. But sometimes you need a good conversation or some extra guidance. Then there will be problems that you can't discuss with everyone.
Let's mention a few:

  • You suddenly stand alone because of the death of the partner or because of a divorce.
  • Just stopped working and moved to the Canary Islands and it's difficult to get used to island life or each other.
  • You want things different in your life, but how do you handle it now?
  • How do you fill in all that free time, alone or together?
  • How do you connect with other people?
  • You miss your children and/or grandchildren.
  • You miss your friends in the Homeland.
  • Old age comes with some discomfort.
  • Your sick partner needs caregiving.

Then it's nice to have a good conversation with an experienced coach on a regular basis. Someone who has lived and worked for years in Tenerife and in the Netherlands. They can discuss matters on a confidential basis that you sometimes do not want to share with others.
Others need a little more guidance. This is always possible on the basis of our method Futura Esperanza.
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