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Remote work on the terrace, by the sea, in the sun.

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To live and work, the Canary Islands are very attractive. Sun, sea, volcanic energy and friendly people. It seems easier than it is. A different culture, language, food and work ethic. For one, a blessing, the other never gets used to it. Then sometimes you need a piece of guidance, a sparring partner to see the beautiful things again. Because we have been living and working at Tenerife for years and in the Netherlands, we can offer this guidance.
The topics of discussion, which will be discussed, are as follows:

  • The feeling of loneliness.
  • The cultural differences.
  • Long days of work.
  • The workplace that is not always optimal.
  • Can't get used to it and then?
  • You just don't see it for a while, motivation issues.
  • Problems with the client?
  • Hassle with remote personnel.
  • Work-related issues that are not resolved.

Here are a few opportunities for guidance. The shape and intensity depend entirely on your personal situation.

Good conversation

Often it is enough to have a good conversation with each other on a regular basis. A light, positive, form of guidance. Complemented by targeted assignments or information. A little bit of substance about what you are bothering or what you want to achieve, both for business and for private. Everything that is discussed is confidential, which gives a feeling of security. Learn more about a good conversation.


Of course, if necessary, the guidance can be intensified. A personal program to restore your balance between work, personal and personal. It consists of multiple conversations, supplemented with exercises, assignments, and information.
Detailed explanation about coaching.


Mentoring is a development process where an employee (or manager) is accompanied by a more experienced person. This mentor helps achieve specific professional competencies or goals.

Mentoring, an important part of "workplace coaching", is an individual approach that focuses on both the personal and professional development of the employee. The program contributes to better results by increasing the sustainable employability and well-being of employees. It helps retain talent, prevent downtime, and promotes the growth of both employees and executives. At this time, when it is difficult to find suitable people to retain, mentoring can be an important part of the solution.
More information on mentoring.

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NOBCO Nedrlandse orde van beroepscoaches
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The Global Code of Ethics For Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors

We are a member of the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches, because we value quality. In addition, we endorse the NOBCO Code of Ethics and comply with the complaints regulations. This offers extra security for you as a customer.